середа, 1 березня 2017 р.

My dear 10B,
Here is your home task for the next class ))) Have some fun!
Watch the videos again and be ready for discusion.
Questions :
1.In your own words, summarize how a tornado forms. 
2.Use these key tornado terms in separate correct and complete sentences. —Condensation — Vortex — Updrafts — Mesocyclone –Supercell 
3. What are some important reasons why you should not “storm chase?” 
4. Tornadoes will stop when… 
1. What exactly is a wave? 
2. Why is ‘tidal wave’ not an accurate name for a tsunami? 
3. How high can a tsunami reach? 
4. Describe the process of wave shoaling and why you can’t see tsunamis far from shore. 
5. What are the ways in which tsunamis cause destruction? 
6. What is our best bet for dealing with tsunamis and why?

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